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7 Tips to Maintain Whole Body Wellness

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maintain whole body wellness

7 Tips to Maintain Whole Body Wellness

Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that you want/need to in order to feel whole?  I know I do!  As the days become shorter, I find myself struggling to maintain physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness during the hustle and bustle of working 45+ hours a week.

In an effort to try and optimize every minute in the day, here are some tips I’ve come up with to maintain your best self on a daily basis.

  1. Avoid being stagnant –  Ride your bike as often as possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator, when riding the metro-stand instead of sit! Try to find a standing desk at work or if not, make sure to stand at least every 30 minutes to walk around a bit!
  2. Drink your daily dose of water – Buy a reusable water bottle and add some lemon to it for both flavor and to help boost digestion!
  3. Eat your lunch outside –  I’m sure we have all been guilty at times (or always) of staying inside for 8+ hours with no knowledge of what the weather is like. My solution? Eat your lunch outside!  Grab a friend to join and talk about something other than work.  Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D (and human interaction) is essential.
  4. Listen to podcasts during your drive or commute to work – Get the free Player FM app and easily pick from hundreds of podcast options ranging in themes. Some of my current favorites are Radiolab, On Being, and NPR’s Hidden Brain.  If you’re not a podcast person, books on tape are a great option as well.
  5. Set aside at least 5 minutes of your day –  (ideally in the morning) to meditate in silence.
  6. Unplug – Instead of perusing social media for 30 minutes, set your phone down and send some snail mail to a friend that has been on your mind lately.
  7. Plan ahead – Choose your 2 least busy days of the week and cook in bulk on those days. Try to make enough food to provide for lunch and dinner for the work week.

Here’s to finding your most productive self!


In wellness,

Kelsey Garcia PT, DPT, NCS, PMA-CPT



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