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7 Reasons Why Private Sessions Boost Your Pilates Practice

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7 Reasons Why Private Sessions Boost Your Pilates Practice

7 Reasons Why Private Sessions Boost Your Pilates Practice

Whether you’re a Pilates newbie or have years of practice doing planks, hundreds and teasers, one thing is for sure: your Pilates practice WILL benefit from one-on-one training sessions. In addition to spicing up your fitness routine, here are seven reasons your practice and exercise experience are sure to benefit:

Personal Attention

Why share the spotlight with a room full of class-goers when you can have the attention all to yourself? During one-on-one sessions, your instructor can focus on how YOU perform each exercise, and subsequently provide specific instruction to help you better understand proper alignment and performance of the exercise. They can assess where and how you may be compensating or “cheating” and give you cues and feedback on how to get the most out of each exercise. Enjoy your “a-ha! moment” in these private sessions as you realize how each exercise is really supposed to feel.


Private sessions allow the instructor to design a program with your specific needs and goals in mind. Want to improve the muscle tone and strength in your arms? No problem. Your instructor can gear the flow to incorporate all the upper body exercises you want. Looking to focus on stretching today? Your wish is basically our command. And if you don’t know what you want or need, then leave it to the instructor. Most of us can assess what your body most needs, and then personalize our program to get you into the physical shape you deserve.

Quality vs Quantity

In private sessions, you can’t get away with just muscling through any exercise the way we sometimes can during group classes. Your instructor will always get the best from from you, and in turn, you will really “FEEL” how each exercise is meant to be performed. You will leave each session feeling a sense of true accomplishment.  

Injury-Related Concerns

This is a biggie. Many people with injuries are afraid of group classes for fear of re-injury. Or maybe they often request modifications and feel they don’t get the best out of classes. That’s why one-on-one sessions are perfect for clients recovering from injuries or those ready to get back into a fitness routine. During a private session, instructors help guide you through a program that is safe and effective for the most important person in the room…YOU!

They will show you proper performance of each exercise so that you avoid re-injury and teach you how modifications that you can apply when taking a group class. And if you’re still not ready for group class because of an injury, we can continue to work on other body parts while one area is still healing. Have a cast on your arm? We can continue to strengthen your legs with a private session designed specifically for you. Our team of highly trained Movement Specialists are extremely knowledgeable on a variety of injuries and other special considerations.


Pilates, like many forms of mind-body exercise techniques, is a practice. That means that in order to grow and improve, you need to have consistent practice. Striving to get into a more advanced group class? Or were you struggling with an exercise that was taught in class recently? Then private sessions are the perfect place for you to work on those exercises and a safe space to practice exercises that may be too advanced to learn in a group setting.


As a result of consistency and one-on-one attention, you will see a higher level of carryover from one session to another. You will also see an improvement in your performance during group classes because you will now have the tools to fine-tune the movements performed during a group class and experience a more efficient workout while in a group setting.


While working out with friends in a group is always a good time, having some one-on-one time with your own instructor is a blast. You get to laugh together, develop a rapport and sweat your way to new and improved physical capacity.

If you’re new to Pilates, then scheduling a private session is the perfect way to really get a good idea of the proper form, alignment and truly understand how to properly perform each exercise so you can get the most benefit before entering group classes. And if you’re already a Pilates junkie, scheduling a private session on a monthly or regular basis can help you take your practice to a new level.  

But you don’t have to choose. Try mixing and matching. And whatever you decide, just remember: it’s important to invest in your health and take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live, right?

In health,

Christa Gurka, MSPT, PMA-CPT

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